As DXY nears stops, proceed Shorting with Caution.

DXY is in an uptrend on the HTF and it could be a great opportunity to BUY those stops.

USDJPY is of great interest to me this week, Order Flow was strongly down last week and made a New Structure Low.

Looking for Shorting Ops.

This Pair is my KEY FOCUS this week – at least for the start of the week.  Have to see how the week starts playing out with Sentiment and Market Structure.

EURUSD is typically opposite of DXY and because we are near the stop area, Really have to wait to see what happens next before getting excited about this pair. I didn’t mark this one up because I want you to try to envision the two possibilities for this one.

USDCAD – Long Term Short Bias and I am Short this Pair, would like to see the downside plan start to play out, although I do have orders in at the higher levels at Stops and LG fills.

USDCHF is a No Trade for me this week unless something significant happens as the Market Cycle is near completion.

AUDUSD – Sitting on sidelines as price is very close to stops above. There is much more sell side liquidity to grab – so I prefer to see the downside plan start to play out to get excited about getting into this pair.

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