This week took a little longer to take off than we would have liked – but was full of opportunities – and we grabbed them!

We hope that you survived any of the early week chop and came out on top by the end of the week.

Let’s take a look at what happened this week in our End of Week Analysis (EoWA) and some trade opportunities going forward.

Our October Seasonal Trade with AUDJPY should be considered complete at this point.

We talked about how AUDJPY would aim to fill the Liquidity Gap (LG) this month based on seasonal patterns – well it has.

+125 PIP Move.

This was a Great success to those who jumped on board this one.

AUDUSD broke structure to the upside on the 4H chart.

Expect a pull back and continuation upward from a Order Flow perspective.

Of course – we want to make sure that we time our entries with Sentiment Signals to get the biggest bang for our buck.

Click the pic to see the areas of interest that we are focused on.

This is a pair of interest for this week!!

USDJPY has cleared stops to the upside.

This was an easy trade this week as Sentiment was all for the move upward when we had an X axis cross and Market Structure guided us all the way up with this trade.

It’s likely we will see a pull back at minimum as the Liquidity Pools have been taken.

This move – at least from our standpoint is over for now. We will wait for Sentiment and Order Flow around Market Structure to guide us forward.

EURUSD was an easy play to the upside this week.

I am expecting Order Flow to continue to upward with this pair.

Wait for price to enter key areas of Market Structure and Sentiment Alignment to strike on the BUY Side.

GBPUSD had a very strong move to the upside.

There was one Structural Clue that we could have taken advantage of for this one and Sentiment had cross over signals that could have gotten you in this trade.

I’m not going to say this was our winner of the week because I wasn’t monitoring it and didn’t call it before it happened.

USDCAD was the WINNER for the week.

We went over this exact trade in Members Slack BEFORE it happened.

An easy +100 to +120 PIP gain for those who took the trade.

Going forward I think a pull back is more likely than a continuation, we will have to let Sentiment guide us on that one. If retail starts to heavily short then we will aim to play the pull back on the long side – and we will be nimble.

There are some Major Market Cycle patterns at play this week.

Check the SentiFX Member Slack Channel to see the patterns and what we are going to be targeting this week.

Very High Probability Trades waiting for us to grab this week!! Let’s get it!!

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