Using USD as a Base Currency (USD/xxx) we are able to analyze and isolate the Sentiment of the USD. 

Currently with Sentiment - USD is spreading out compared to last week. The majority of the pairs are on the left side of the Y axis, but above the X axis - which signifies a weak buy.


USD is currently in a downtrend. 

Look for Selling Opportunities until the LITS is broken strongly with an IM.


Until EURUSD crosses the LITS, we must have an upward bias. 

Look for Buying Opportunities with Sentiment Shifts or Retail Overloading Short.


UJ was a very profitable play for the SentiFX community last week.  Most of us who took the trade grabbed 80 PIPS x leverage. 

Currently there is a lot of liquidity above to be taken and it also looks like a Supply Zone. I'm not interested in UJ until it either clearly shows a direction.


UC has hit an area that I would expect to see some selling (at the trapped traders). 

Look for Selling Opportunities.


AU looks like the most interesting trade for me as of right now. 

It's in an upward channel.

The last daily candle clearly shows buying that took out multiple stops.

Look for Buying Opportunities. i.e. Sentiment to Shift to Buy Side or lower time frame market structure to shift in favor.

Pairs that didn't show any real significance weren't shown here this time.

For Members: 

This week we will look at SWOT Analysis as well as percentage moves.

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