Using USD as a Base Currency (USD/xxx) we are able to analyze and isolate the Sentiment of the USD. 

Currently with Sentiment - USD is currently in the Strong Buy zone for the most part, but the concern is that pairs have shifted across the Y axis to the SELL side. 

Keep in mind, this is a weak sell signal for the Dollar Index. 

GBPUSD is the leader in being a BUY against the dollar (as you can see above the dollar is weaker compared to GBP)


The USD is still showing strong signs of momentum to the upside.

Until we have a structural change, The flow is currently upward as seen by our positively stacked MA's and clear up-trend.


Retail is still heavily long EURUSD.

Our colors are inverted so we can quickly know what direction to focus our trades on. 

Since retail is going long, we have been focused on shorting.

As we can see, there were plenty of opportunities to short and make huge profit.


Retail is also currently longing this pair. 

Price is much more consolidated for AUDUSD than with EU.

Look for opportunities to short.


Retail is also currently longing this pair. 

Just like AU, price action isn't showing much directional bias yet. 

Note: Although retail is currently more long than short, there are retail shorting this pair as you can see that the average positioning (dark red) isn't approaching the extremes.

Still - look for opportunities to short.


Retail is fairly neutral on this pair but leaning more towards shorting.

Based on the Market Structure, price is building upwards. This presents opportunities to go long as retail begins shorting more and gets on the wrong side of the trade.

Look for Long opportunities.


Retail was heavily shorting UJ.

My concern here is that shorting has decreased and longs have increased.

This could be the beginning of the heard trying to go long and MM's pushing the pair south.  

Trade this pair with caution.


Retail is trying to heavily short USDCHF.

The average positioning as a whole has crossed into extreme territory.

Look for Long Opportunities.


With UC, Retail has been trying to short heavily for a while.

Notice that Retail is starting to go long more and less short. 

This could be a sign that retail is switching sides and that the Long Opportunity is over.

Watch Sentiment and Market Structure for shorting ops.

The new MT4 Sentiment Indicators have been a great addition to our tools to trade against the retail sheep.

So far, haven't had a losing trade in 2020 and our SentiFX community is prospering by going against the herd.

Sentiment is the biggest edge in FX. If you aren't using it along with your trading style - you are missing out on having the additional confidence and confirmation to get in trades and hold them longer.

Trade with Edge, Trade Well - 


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