Monday Range Indicator and Trading System for MT4

What it does:

The SentiFX Monday Range Indicator for MT4 automatically measures the price range every Monday. Then it highlights that range for the rest of the week and draws the harmonic extensions and price levels based on that range in both directions. The indicator enables you to easily and successfully trade the SentiFX Monday Range Trading System as well as other range-based systems.

Key Features:

  • Draws Monday Range and extensions automatically
  • Draws multiplier for every extension
  • Fixed number of extensions or automatic detection of required number
  • Optionally prints price levels for all extensions
  • Fully customizable color scheme
  • Fully customizable line styles

SentiFX Monday Range MT4 Indicator In Action

Watch the video below to see what the SentiFX Monday Range MT4 indicator does and how it will look inside your MT4 terminal.

MT4 Screenshots

Profit from the Monday Range

The SentiFX Monday Range System is a fully developed and proven trading system based on Monday's price range. It encompasses five different scenarios to trade. Those scenarios are fully explained and documented in the Monday Range course. That way, you can start profiting immediately.

MR Breakout

MR Test

MR Failure

MR Migration

MR Rotations

SentiFX Monday Range Course Teaser

In this video you will get a taste of what you will learn in the SentiFX Monday Range course and how it will help you profit consistently when trading the Monday Range.

Start trading the Monday Range now!


  • Only MT4 Monday Range Indicator 
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Value Bundle

  • MT4 Monday Range Indicator and Monday Range Course
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  • Only Monday Range Course
  • One-time investment
  • Lifetime access & support

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