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EoWA 22 MAR 20

FOCUS ON CORONA VIRUSThe major headwind in the markets is still the corona virus.  When volatility is this high, a good money management strategy is to lower your position size to account for the added risk.USDCADWith DXY (US Dollar Index) at near 19 year highs... I couldn't help but get the feeling that the juice may be running out - at least for now.Take a look at USDCAD above.  As retail became more and more short and entered the extreme zone between -75 and -100, look how price continued to move upward.  On Friday price started moving downward and appears to [...]

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EoWA 15 MAR 20

FOCUS ON CORONA VIRUS The major focus this past week was the fear surrounding the corona virus. When we get to looking at USDJPY we will see the opportunities that were present in the beginning of the week - with an eye for the change in direction by mid week. Sentiment Using Basket Analysis of USD/xxx, we saw the dollar get stronger verses ALL other currencies by 3/12/2020. Currency Baskets began clustering around the strong buy zone and USDEUR, USDJPY, & USDCHF were in the weak buy. (remember with basket analysis, we are putting all major pairs with USD/xxx) to [...]

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